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Will We Ever Return?



But will we ever return?

"Remember kids pack only necessities, no place for old memories"

A letter to a place I always called home.

A place that showed me how life can change in an instance, in a blink of an eye.

One day I was at haboba's preparing iftar waiting for Athan,

the next day I was wondering when will I see them next time.

One day I was at the Nile having my daily cup of Shai,

the next day it was empty, not a soul left behind,

Neither you and I would've thought to wake up one day and to be called "refugees."

But who would've thought?

As the Sudanese poet once said

نحن بلدنا بي خيراتا

البلد البتشبها ياتا

هي حياتنا و نحن حياتا

و ما بندور بلاها و حاتا

and more to be said, of what everyone has felt

Sudan is my people and their kindness.

My people and their generosity flooding all around us.

A stranger treating you like a brother, it's everyone caring to search for one another.

If anything like this brought us closer to it more than ever.

Dear land, take care of those who've lost their loved ones perhaps forever.

How hard was it for them to put it together . To the day were they unite in the heavens.

Surely God is aware of every struggle.

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