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the moment when my heart loses the battle

a friend, a dear one, shows up to tackle a few enemies of mine

reminding me that even if the world forgot, we would not

that even if the word “Sudan” didn’t cross their mind… even if…

that we would always hold its back with all that we’ve got

the moment I forgot my homeland is the moment that I don’t exist

as long as I can talk… as long as I can breathe, the word “Sudan” will still breathe

as long as I can move… as long as I can write, the word “Sudan” will be heard

lost everything but gained so much more

lost my people, my things, my home

but patience, wisdom, strength was gained

hardships pass, but hardships stay if the world is silent

life moves on only when I get my world back

when the people of Sudan can step back into their toxicated lands

when the landscape changes from blo*d to greenery once again

when the roads are cleansed and the bodies are taken to their graves

when the homes are washed,

when the dukkan sells pasgianos once again,

and when all the tears stains the paint of our broken walls

life moves on the moment we get to breathe again


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