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Day 5 of war quarantine


Just 5 days that feel like months, it’s fine, I need to keep alert


The dizziness taking over my body, it’s okay, they were here beside me

Pain felt while looking at our friends struggling to breathe, sleep, or even talk

Stuttering, finding it difficult to form words

The headphones managed to put me to sleep this time

But once again, awoken by bombs

Everyone started packing up, heading back home,

Saying that it might get worse,

We need to leave

Holding our hearts in our hands

We say goodbye, wishing for another time of meeting

“See you again in university, inshallah”

We hold the accumulated tears of the 5 past days

We need to stay strong

And it’s my turn to head home, leaving behind my best friend

Hugging everyone as I have never done before

And on the street,

Picking my skin while looking over to the black sky

While watching them search the car, I hold my breath…

They look into our souls searching for an inch of any disrespect or fear

Holding their guns so close

Armed vehicles so close

Face so close

They let us go

My breath didn’t come back till I saw my brothers

Safe and sound

And then streams of pain roll down my face

I realized how bad everything was

We are at war

Fighting a battle we never intended for

We are witnessing war


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