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A letter to Mother

Hello dear mother

I’ve got a story to tell

A part of me I wanted to let out

One which I never intended to write

But here I am

Mom, my love

The strength you hold

The pain that’s hanging on your shoulders

The love that’s spilling out of you

You’re broken, but still, you love

You’re hurting. but still, you hug

You’re losing yourself. but still helping me find myself

Mother, oh mother

If I can pick up your pain

Piece by piece

Even if it were to be infinite

I’d be down on the floor, picking it up with hope

Your soul is screaming, I hear it

It’s extremely loud

I try to help, but your smile is so bright

You’re fine but I know it is otherwise

The tears you’ve wept are enough to fill the oceans

The words you kept hidden are enough to destroy a population

Destroy them by breaking their hearts

The pain you went through

I know so well

The love you hold

I keep on questioning

‘How can you be such a sweet soul?’

Broken but so beautiful

My mother, I love you

I love every inch of you

I love your strength, it makes me strong

Makes me want to protect you even more


I want to hold you by side

Every single day

I want to make that face smile

Every minute of the day

And I want to see you laugh your heart out

I want to see the happy you from inside

I want to see the real you

I want you to feel the love you’ve never felt


I want you to be happy


I want to see you... smile from your heart


Tell me what’s your favorite chicken body part.

Tell me if you love to eat the legs or the back of the breast.

Tell me if you wanted that last pizza slice.

Tell me if you wanted a hug.

Tell me if you wanted someone.

Why do you hide for us...

When we love you so much

Why do you hide

Why do you break your heart

And no, you won’t affect me by showing your pain

I won’t be okay either way

Let us heal each other together and no don’t hide

If you’re happy or sad

My mood is the same

I’m just a little more broken when you don’t smile

Just a little, I say

But oh, my heart is held by one string and it keeps on breaking when you cry alone


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