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Our Sponsors
Thank you to the following partners who helped shape Aswat Al Watan and our programs to create, empower & scale. 

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Aswat Al Watan has partnered with TheirCircle to power a private social network that serves as a dynamic space for our community members. The platform is utilized to build meaningful connections and discover opportunities. Our Circle members engage in fruitful discussions, share insights and experiences that propel our collective vision forward.


Untold Stories with Dear Azza

This collaboration with Dear Azza aims to capture the rich and diverse history of Sudan by inviting all Sudanese to share their personal stories & journeys of hope and rejuvenation. 

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The Other Vision (TOV)

Our collaboration with The Other Vision (TOV) aims to empower photographers through training and exposure, with a focus on raising awareness about Sudan. Under the leadership of an esteemed photographer, Alaa Kheir, this partnership strives to successfully implement programs, turning photographers into goodwill ambassadors who shed light on various topics.

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