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Can photography change lives?

Stories of Photography

Designed under the Inspire Fund, this program is aimed at propelling Sudanese photographers. We collaboratively work with them to tell a story through the photos they took of Sudan, and their experience of the world.


The end-goal is to showcase their projects in exhibits, and create or sell derived products globally.

A 1 year program to empower Sudanese Photographers.

Access resources, develop skills & gain exposure to our network.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3


This foundational phase aims to equip aspiring photographers with the skills and opportunities needed in their careers.


This phase is built on the pillars of mentorship, story-telling, and portfolio development. This involves 1-1 mentorship sessions where experts guide the selected applicants in their photography careers. You get to learn how to tell stories through photos and how to archive their work.


In this upskill phase, we take photographers to the next level of their creative journey.


We aim to create derived products, which involves the ability to craft visionary projects, experiences and opportunities.


SoP empowers photographers to not only capture compelling images but also conceptualize, plan, and pitch their own creative projects and proposals effectively. 


This phase aims to showcase our cohort's work across different exhibitions globally. Our commitment extends beyond individual growth, as we enable  our photographers to showcase their ability,  expand their network, & develop a stream of income through our derived products.


To better cater to the needs of program applicants, we invite those interested to pre-register by completing the following Needs Assessment. By completing the needs assessment you will gain access to the Call for Applicants. 

AAW: Sudan Archive


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The Inspire Fund aims to partner and engage across sectors, geographies, and industries to share learnings, experiences, insights, and collaborative partnership models to help widen the supporters' community.

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