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Our Mission

Aswat Al Watan, translating to "Voices of the Nation", is a non-profit organization that signifies the unwavering belief in the resilience of unity to empower a diverse culture. It embodies a transformative platform where various elements intertwine, setting the stage for socio-cultural and economic development for Sudanese communities across the globe.



Through a global network, Aswat Al Watan connects Sudanese with a community committed to fostering the development of Sudan.  We provide Sudanese communities a space to share, represent and exchange experiences and opportunities. Aswat Al Watan holds a collection of stories and perspectives told through various forms. By doing this we hope to become a united voice of a country and its people.


Aswat Al Watan is an NGO.

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The Collective

AAW: THE COLLECTIVE is a community-driven collection that empowers Sudanese lives through purposeful purchasing. Our product lines are crafted to inspire, elevate, and foster growth within the global Sudanese community; it also is a way that the consumer gets to direct Profits generated are channeled into supporting Sudanese contributors, as well as nurturing local talent

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